terça-feira, 10 de outubro de 2006

Os bloggers mais influentes

A Edelman e a Technorati estão a identificar os bloggers mais influentes e que escrevem em Alemão, Italiano e Francês.

For each top 100 list of local influencers we looked at: who are they, what they cover, how often they talk about multinationals/local companies. In addition, we zeroed in on the top 10 in each region to find out how often they link to each other, regional media and four key US media (CNN, NY Times, CNET, USA Today.) Here?s a snapshot of what we learned and a look at the lists (Excel file) - as of this week. The full results will be published later this year.

No entanto, Steve Ruebel já divulga algumas conclusões sobre o trabalho que estão a realizar:

* To influence the influencers, you need to take both a local and a global view of the conversation

* The dialogue in each region is fairly balkanized and reflects the local culture and influences. However, it is influenced by media and blogs in other countries

* Companies and brands are discussed in European blogs, but not nearly as often as in the US or as product categories are talked about

* Brands have a big opportunity to become part of the conversation by listening and developing programs

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