terça-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2003

Reproduzo, na integra, um post de Dan Gillmor, jornalista e blogger, sobre o que chama moblogs (weblogs criados para uma época especial):

I was one of many people to e-mail a photo to Joi Ito's New Year's Moblog page. There were glitches, as Joi notes here, but it was a cool experiment.

The major value in this format is its potential, not its current use. Example: I'd like to see news organizations set up sites like this one, and widely publicize the e-mail address. Then invite readers to submit their own postings of important events (and there would need to be a way to post explanatory captions along with photos and titles). You'd need a moderator to make sure the postings were not obscene or otherwise inappropriate.

The future of news is being invented as we speak. This is one way it will happen.

Dica de JD Lasica.

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