segunda-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2003

Mais um artigo sobre a evolução dos blogs em 2003. Mark Glase, num artigo publicado na Online Journalism Review, sobre 2003, diz o seguinte sobre blogs:

Blogs Really Go Mainstream

Weblogs have been all the rage in online media, but 2003 will be the real breakout year for blogs, as more journalists use them, more regular Joes and Janes use them, and more celebrities use them (and charge money for access). After a team of journalism professors does a comprehensive study on all the blogs in existence, they conclude that 99.9 percent of them have no value to the general populace, with the most popular topic being "what I ate for breakfast this morning."

Best-Case Scenario: Smart bloggers get their due, become famous, and can get paid for what they do. Media companies get it, and start assigning blogs as real jobs and not just extra-curricular activities.
Worst-Case Scenario: Eminem starts a blog. His mother starts a counter-blog.

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