quarta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2003

Em vez da habitual lista de resoluções pessoais para 2003, Steve Outing decidiu escrever as resoluções que os jornais online deveriam assumir para o próximo ano. O próprio Outing afirma hoje no E-Media Tidbits que o artigo gerou alguma discussão.
Eu destaco dois items da lista:

No. 5: Make every article a conversation

We've been immersed in the Internet revolution for nearly a decade now, but still too many publishers treat online news as a purely one-way experience -- we give you the news, you read it. Resolve this year to invite your readers to participate in discussions about every news or opinion article you publish. Add a discussion forum to each piece of significant content on your site.

No. 6: Tap some Weblog talent

One notion worth acting on for 2003 is to seek out the cream of the Weblog crop. Some of the best bloggers still operate on a hobby basis, or are struggling with ineffective business models to make a living from their blogs. 2003 could be the year that mainstream media companies acquire the best blogs, underwrite them, and turn them into viable businesses. This is not only an interesting business opportunity, it also is a great way to get innovative, "non-mainstream" content onto the Web site of traditional media. It's potentially a way to make your site more appealing to younger consumers -- who, as is well known, find traditional media (especially newspapers) less relevant to their lives.

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