quarta-feira, 2 de julho de 2003

Depois de dois dias de seminário, decorre amanhã a conferência NetMedia 2003, em Barcelona. Fica aqui o programa. De entre os vários participantes, chama-me a atenção o texto de apresentação de Dan Gillmor:

So you’ve got your online subscription and revenue models right? Your online payment system purring like a Ferrari? Now, what about the product, ie. the journalism?
Journalism is evolving away from its lecture mode – “here’s the news, and you buy it or you don’t” – to include a conversation, says Dan Gillmor. And interactive technology – and the mostly young readers and viewers who use and understand it – is the catalyst. Gillmor’s Journalism 3.1b2 (also called We Media) augments traditional methods with collaboration tools ranging from email to weblogs to digital video to RSS feeds to peer-to-peer systems.
The journalism that engages readers and viewers in a conversation is good for business. It is an opportunity, not a threat. Ignore it at your cost.

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