quinta-feira, 24 de julho de 2003

As ferramentas de pesquisa online estão a tornar a vida muito fácil aos jornalistas? A resposta está aqui.

And what have we lost in the chase for the quickie story with quickie answers to quickie questions? Perhaps the depth of character we could get in person, the attention to scenery, sounds and smells, lost in many of today's stories. "Instead of face-to-face interviews, in which the reporter discovers angles that had not occurred to him or her, the exchanges become knee-jerk answers to knee-jerk questions," Meyer said. "And never is there a clue in body language or conversational cadence to indicate the existence of a greater, previously not understood, truth worth pursuing.... I often speak of the Internet as having infinite breadth and infinite depth. Alas, we rarely use both to their best ends simultaneously."

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