sexta-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2002

O site Cyberjournalist compilou as 10 notícias sobre jornalismo online no ano de 2002. O número 1 da lista é ocupado pelos weblogs:

1. Weblogging Goes Mainstream
The phenomenon of do-it-yourself journalism, from eyewitness accounts to analysis from amateurs, gained new prominence in the past year, according to a Pew Internet & American Life Project study. Growing numbers of Americans seem to want to use the Internet to supplement the information they get from traditional media, and Weblogging has had the most noticeable impact. A slew of journalists are now sharing their thoughts on their own personal Weblogs ­— but that’s old news. The biggest news was the widespread extent to which mainstream media organizations jumped on the blogging bandwagon – everyone from to Salon joined the game.

A lista completa aqui.

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