terça-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2002

O Poynter publica um artigo sobre convergência nos media baseado no discurso que Howard Finberg deu na abertura do Newsplex.
Finberg é um dos consultores do projecto Newsplex, a redacção de amanhã:

Tomorrow's newsroom must be different than today's. It must work across multiple media simultaneously and in real-time. It will be the hub of an information-based service company, more content-driven and less product-limited. It will be in a constant race for the latest publishing technologies, skills and methods, in a constant state of change and innovation. In this newsroom, the tenets of journalism must be stronger than ever. The manner in which they are practiced, however, must adapt to a new generation of journalists with new capabilities to serve the public's ever-increasing need to know in ways both more effective and more accessible.

Apesar de estar sedeado na Universidade da Carolina do Sul, o Newsplex reúne parceiros (universidades e empresas) de vários países. Inclusive um português: a Impresa.

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