sexta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2002

A notícia já vem um bocadinho tarde. O vencedor do Best British Blog, promovido pelo The Guardian, é o Scary Duck. Não conhecia o blog, fui lá espreitar e achei muito interessante. Gostei da forma como comentou a vitória:

Oh. My. Bloody. God. Now I certainly didn’t expect that. If you’re one of my three regular readers who didn’t come here via the Grauniard, you probably wouldn’t know that this august journal has just given me one thousand pictures of the queen for operating the Best British Weblog of 2002.

So, what am I going to do with my filthy lucre? Money fights with Mariah Carey? A home for destitute otters? Low-to-medium class call girls? Nothing so glamorous. I’m buying a new boiler for Scaryduck mansions, unless somebody nice from British Gas is reading this and they can give me a famous-for-five-minutes discount for saying how great their service has been. Oh, and some bandwidth. And a new hall carpet.

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