sábado, 21 de setembro de 2002

Continuo hoje com o tema do último post de ontem: o estudo do jornalismo. No Journalism Jobs é hoje publicada uma entrevista com Orville Schell, reitor da Graduate School of Journalism da Universidade da California - Berkeley. Apenas umas frases para abrir o apetite e levar a uma leitura na integra da entrevista:

<b>JournalismJobs.com: Are journalism schools doing a good job preparing students for the working world?

Orville Schell: I would have to say most of them probably aren't doing such a great job. I think journalism schools as a whole are institutions that are very unclear in content. They're riddled with public relations, advertising, mass communications -- all things that in my view do not really belong in a journalism school. There really needs to be some discussion about what is a good journalism school. Is it a place that just teaches how to write a lead and the craft? Is it a place that tries to teach some history, literature, foreign affairs, how to look critically at what's happening in the media? All of these things are a bit vague.

A entrevista completa aqui. Dica de Jim Romnesko, Media News.

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