quinta-feira, 4 de março de 2004

Jornais on-line

What Newspapers and Their Web Sites Must Do to Survive, um interessante artigo de Vin Crosbie na OJR. Um texto que merece uma leitura atenta. Aqui ficam três conselhos:

The real solution for the industry's future doesn't revolve around simply adding multimedia to generic editions. It instead will require that the newspaper industry:

1 - Use new technologies to match the newspaper's existing cornucopia of content to satisfy each individual reader's unique mix of interests

2- Understand that neither newsprint nor the Web nor digital editions nor wireless is the answer, but that the true convergence of all those into a single unitary product not only is necessary but likely within 10 years

3 - Focus less on the industry's ability to produce content and more on its unique service of delivering to people a complete package of content -- a change that requires newsrooms and corporations to go beyond traditional definitions of "news" or "syndicated sources."

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