quinta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2003

Porque é que o RSS é melhor do que o email para as publicações profissionais?
Algumas respostas são dadas por Chris Pirillo, autor de Lockergnome e do livro Poor Richard's E-mail Publishing: Creating Newsletters, Bulletins, Discussion Groups and Other Powerful Communication Tools.

A primeira razão é a que passa na cabeça de toda a gente que utiliza correio electrónico e desespera com o elevado número de mensagens lixo:

1. RSS is an unspammable medium. Unless your haXX0ring skills are ‘l337, you won’t be able to change a feed unless you have the right user permissions. Period. End of story. The “weakest link” in this chain might be found in the news aggregator, should it come wrapped with spyware or another craptacular advertising mechanism. Still, that’s on the software side of things; the channel, which sits server-side, cannot be spammed. Keep these results in mind, too (as of this entry’s time stamp).

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