terça-feira, 18 de março de 2003

The military has an acronym for everything. Signs warn me about UXOs, or unexploded ordinances. My hosts here are called PAOs, or public affairs officers. I'm told I can buy phone cards at the BX, or base exchange.

What I'm looking at right now is long line of trucks packed with all kinds of belongings of Kurdish people moving north. With President Bush's speech last night that the conflict could begin in 48 hours if Saddam Hussein and his sons don't leave Iraq, many people are afraid that the war will begin and that theyll be trapped in this area that is very close to the Iraqi front lines.

São extractos de diários, ou melhor, weblogs de repórteres americanos que estão no terreno a cobrir as movimentações que antecedem a guerra. O primeiro intitulado Assignement: Kwait conta o dia-a-dia de um jornalista numa base militar norte-americana no Kwait. O segundo extracto é de um audioblog, de Kevin Sites, correspondente da CNN.

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